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3 June

Jensen, Bugge & Høirup play at a 50th anniversary ball

Folkets Hus Spillefolk invites you to the Jubilee party: "Of course it is!!!! FOLKETS HUS SPILLEFOLK HOLDS 50 YEARS ANNIVERSARY BALL Saturday 21 September 2024 We celebrate ourselves, - we celebrate it, - with festive dinner, - with festive music and dance, with festive songs, and with festive jams. It can't get any better. It takes place in KoncertKirken, Blågårdsplads 6A, - and all the glory can
16 May

The winery gives a concert on Fanø

We are looking forward to the trio Morten Alfred & Vingården because we will be playing at the cool little Godtfolk Festival on Fanø on Saturday 15 June at 16:00 – 17:00. We have played at Fanø before, yes, it was actually there that we played our very first public concert. It was in the summer of 2023, and it was a great experience that we celebrated
4 March

MC at Halkær Festival 2024

I am delighted that I can visit one of my absolute favorite festivals again this year. I have been coming to the Halkær Folk & Roots Festival since it started more than 30 years ago, often with my family. The festival runs from the 6th to the 9th of June, and I am looking forward to presenting
10 Dec

The winery on tour in autumn's beautiful Switzerland

In the first week of November 2024, Vingården goes to Switzerland to give a handful of concerts and workshops. We play e.g. in the Zürich Folk Club, in the Urwaldhaus in Rehetobel and in the Kellertheater Langnau, and in general we are looking forward to visiting the beautiful country with its fantastic nature, its friendly inhabitants and its exciting musical tradition. More about


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