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10 Dec

The winery gives concerts in beautiful Switzerland

In the first week of November 2024, Vingården goes to Switzerland to give a handful of concerts and workshops. We play e.g. in the Zürich Folk Club, in the Urwaldhaus in Rehetobel and in the Kellertheater Langnau, and in general we are looking forward to visiting the beautiful country with its fantastic nature, its friendly inhabitants and its exciting musical tradition. More about
10 Dec

Lilting for Dancing at Kulturmaskinen

We have tried it before and with great success, namely playing for dances where the core is tral and guitar, where we also saw a melody player as a guest. We have, among other things, done it at the youth convention FOD (with Mads Kjøller-Henningsen), and at Music over Præstø Fjord (with Arto Järvelä, Tapani Varis, Kristian Bugge and Charlotte Andersson). Both times we have
27 Oct

New single from Morten Alfred & Vingården

In connection with our participation in the Klaverfabrikkens Folk Festival, we have just released our special Radio edition of two of our own dance tunes, namely Lys pols and Fiolen Fat. We have tightened them up a bit and shortened them a bit so that they fit the radio format better. Find the melodies on Spotify Find the melodies on Youtube On 11 November we will be playing
25 Oct

Private lessons are offered

As something new, you can now go up to the right corner of this page and click on the three lines in the circle, right where it says 'contact'. If you do that, you get, among other things, option to click on the 'Teaching' page. There you will find – and this is the new thing – a description of how I offer private lessons


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