This year's Organization Award goes to…

September 16, 2022
by Morten Alfred Høirup
"This year's Organization Award goes to Morten Alfred Høirup. At the awards ceremony, we at Autor not only award composer awards, but also awards to some of those who make a great effort for music in Denmark in other ways. We do that with the Organization Award; the so-called behind-the-music award. This year it actually goes to a composer and musician - but on Wednesday evening at the Autors Hædersprisfest, Morten Alfred Høirup was honored for his tireless dissemination work for folk music in Denmark! Whether it is then on DR, with "The Cat in the Bag" or, Morten Alfred Høirup has constantly spread knowledge of the genre as well as updated and supported a scene that has more difficulty profiling itself on the usual platforms than most other genres. Violinist, composer and member of Autor's board, Anne Eltard, emphasized this in her motivational speech. Many thanks for your efforts, Morten!”. You are welcome. I thank you humbly and with all my heart!