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A very special evening with Danish folk music

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September 25, 2023
by Morten Alfred Høirup

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A very special evening with Danish folk music and song

Danish folk musicians create light and joy in a dark time


Monday 20 November at At 19:30 there will be lights, singing and music The metronome at Godthåbsvej 33 in Frederiksberg, right by Aksel Møller's garden Subway station. Here, an unusually selected team of Danish folk musicians challenge each other to sing and play, and otherwise create a pleasant evening with the audience in a busy and dark time.

In various constellations, the performers present traditional dance tunes and songs, as well as brand new material. The concert will basically be acoustic. Host: Morten Alfred Høirup. Tickets cost DKK 150 + possibly fee. Everyone is very welcome!

Tickets for the concert and raffle for festival wristbands for, among other things Tønder Festival:

All paying guests receive numbered tickets at the door, and we draw lots for free tickets to, among other things, Tønder Festival, Nordic Folk Alliance, Music over Præstø Fjord Festival, Nordic Folk Festival on Livø, Godtfolk Festival on Fanø, and food and beer tickets for Fannikerdagene also on Fanø.

All income goes uncut to the small non-commercial media platform

The music at the Metronome 19:30 – 23:00

1.) The 84-year-old Copenhagen singer and fiddler Nice Alfred Larsen (Singing, accordion) received in the summer of 2022 Music over Præstø Fjord's Vice Prize. He has been collecting songs all his life, and on this evening we will get some of the more subtle and humorous ones, he has promised.

2.) Tjavsmose Trio plays traditional dance music as the 76-year-old 'Hopsamester', violinist and fiddler, Hans Jørgen Christensen, has from his teacher, Evald Thomsen and from Svenske Niels. Hans Jørgen has, among other things, played in the orchestras With love, and Evald Thomsen's Fiddlers, and on this evening he comes with the family orchestra Tjavsmose Trio, which, in addition to himself, consists of the daughter Maja Linde Christensen (Violin) and the son-in-law Christopher Davis Maack (Violin)

3.) The string trio Vesselil consists of people with roots in both classical music and folk music. They play and sing a mixture of their own compositions and old Danish ballads - often stories about women - which they process and interpret in their very own way. Vesselil is: Clara Tesch (Violin, vocals), Elisabeth Dichmann (Viola, vocal), Maja Aarøe Freese (Cello, vocals).

4.) The trio Farvergade is one of our strongest prom orchestras these years. They play dance melodies from South Zealand arranged for violin, flute and piano. The melodies found Mads Kjøller-Henningsen in an old sheet music collection from 1853, written down by the violinists Søren Kristensen and later Niels Aage Andersen. Farvergade is: Clara Tesch (violin), Mads Kjøller-Henningsen (flute, Nordic bagpipes) and Julian Svejgaard (Piano).

Break. During the break, you can help yourself in the bar at extremely reasonable prices, you can buy CDs and sheet music with the participating musicians, and there will be a raffle for partout tickets to a number of folk music festivals, including Tønder Festival.

5.) After the break comes Lene Halskov and sings ballads with us, and then it's just about singing along. Ballads are 'narrative shows with roots in the Middle Ages', but therefore they can easily have something to tell us living in 2023. Lene Halskov knows a lot about ballads and jokes, and it's not often you get the opportunity to sing along with her, so we are looking forward to it.

6.) Tobias Elof plays the little ukulele that so many of us think is fun, but which very few of us actually know as a solo instrument. Tobias has been playing the ukulele since he was 6 years old, and has toured solo throughout Europe and across large parts of Asia. Look forward to rediscovering the small instrument in the hands of the country's most talented ukulele soloist.

7.) The Trio Morten Alfred & Vingården consists of saxophonist Charlotte Andersson, guitarist Morten Alfred Høirup and is also a multi-instrumentalist Mads Kjøller-Henningsen (Flute, Nordic bagpipes, flute) as a guest, instead of the trio's violinist, Kristian Bugge, who is on tour in the USA. That way, we get a little world premiere this evening at Metronomen, because the three have never performed together before.

8.) The youngest players in the Metronome that night will definitely be the trio crow's feet, consisting of Andreas Heigren (Guitar), Freja Exner (Violin) and Thomas Samuel Thomsen (Harmonica, lyre). The trio plays both traditional material and their own compositions, and the three musicians are currently recording with the EP 'capsize', which you e.g. available on Spotify.

9.) The last band of the evening, Vik/Toft/Kragesand, is a constellation which for the occasion originates from the pan-Scandinavian band Viik, and from the Danish fusion band Som Os. The trio consists of the resident Norwegian composer and singer Elisabeth Vik, violinist Annelene Toft Christensen and bassist Jakob Kragesand.

10.) After an evening where light, song and music have displaced the winter darkness for a while, the assembled musicians finish as one big orchestra. After that, there is the usual fun, and maybe some free jamming and dancing? We look forward to seeing you!

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Thanks to Frederiksberg Municipality for loan of Musikhuset Metronome. Thank you also Music over Præstø Fjord, Nordic Folk alliance, Tønder Festival, Nordic Folk Festival, Godtfolk Festival and The Fanniker days for the support. Many thanks also to the volunteers and to them participating musicians who all work and play for free in the service of a good cause. Watch and listen more

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