A very strange summer

July 17, 2020
by Morten Alfred Høirup

After a crazy spring where the world was challenged by the coronavirus and the Danish live scene was put out of action, the strangest Danish summer in living memory is now upon us. In most of Europe, the virus has been regained control, and much is now reminiscent of the time before the coronavirus in our part of the world - and yet not.

We don't see many touring musicians across borders these months and it's still not easy to get promoters to take a chance and book bands.

A lot of people perform live on Facebook these days, and it's kind of like playing on the street in the old days: You play the best you've learned, people stop by, and if they like what they see and can afford it, then they pay a little before going further into the multitude of online offers from Danish and foreign gamblers.

I myself played such a concert recently together with the Danish violinist Kristian Bugge and singer and percussionist Mia Guldhammer. It was a really nice experience and we played for an 'audience' which spread over large parts of the western world, not least the USA. Find and See the concert on our Facebook page - the music starts approx. 8 minutes inside the video!

Mia Guldhammer and I still plan to record a live album with guests at Musik over Præstø Fjord Festival, but due to the virus we have had to postpone it for a year. It's inherently unfortunate, but it's also kind of cool, because our concert and record recording will be on August 6, 2021 - and that's the day I turn 60, so it's probably going to be a blast a party.

As soon as the worst part of the pandemic had calmed down a bit in our part of the world, we started writing music and recording videos again. We recorded this video in my living room in Frederiksberg together with two good colleagues, namely multi-instrumentalist Mads Kjøller-Henningsen and violinist Clara Tesch. The melody we play was written by Mia and I together and called 'Polka Umulius'.

My old father and I on a trip in the Danish nature.

Recently we visited my old father in Dragør, where we were allowed to record a traditional song from Fanø in his cozy workshop. The song we're playing is called 'Rundt på wolvet', and was one of publisher and 'entertainer' Julius Strandberg's biggest sales successes back in the late 1800s.