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November 19, 2021
by Morten Alfred Høirup

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Autumn is upon us and I am currently spending time building a page on, where you can follow the music that I compose and record both alone and with good colleagues.

It is free to sniff around and 'test listen', and this is actually a completely new and extremely diverse world of often quite different music from all sorts of places and genres.

Here in my 'old' days, I am becoming more and more fascinated by composing music myself, and getting it recorded the way I want it. On my bandcamp page you can right now hear some of my many compositions that I have recorded and published over the years with talented colleagues from Denmark and abroad.

You can now follow what happens with my music, and you can buy selected compositions if you are one of those who like to build your very own unique music collection. And by the way, you must also like to spread the happy news.