Mia Guldhammer & Morten Alfred Høirup

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The duo Mia Guldhammer & Morten Alfred Høirup's concert at Halkær Kro was full of presence and depth. As an organizer, I hear a lot of concerts, but it's not often that you're stuck in your chair and just want more, but that's how it was. Many thanks for a really good and important concert.' – Eskil Romme, organizer at Halkær Kro, Nibe.

Mia Guldhammer & Morten Alfred Høirups lively approach to - and renewal of - the Danish song and music tradition, together with their own compositions and their close interaction with the audience, has already attracted attention not only in Denmark, but also internationally.

The Danish folk music tradition is rich in fantastic songs of many different kinds. There are happy songs and cheerful jokes, but there are also deep and heartfelt ballads with stories of failure, longing and eternal love.

The songs are arranged for voices, guitar and shruti box, seasoned with 'mouth music' and instrumental pieces inspired by both traditional and newly composed music from Denmark. And the audience is involved, they sing along to the choruses and thus take part in creating a very special evening.

'My girlfriend and I had a great night last night. Your concert was my birthday present to her, and we sang at the top of our lungs all evening - yes, I'm still humming here the next day. Thank you!'– Birgitte, concert goer and also a priest.

Tral, Thread & Traditions. In 2021, Mia Guldhammer & Morten Alfred Høirup released the debut album 'Tral, Tråd & Traditioner' with a collection of new and old songs and melodies from Denmark. Here they play both as a duo and with guests from the Danish and Finnish folk music scene. The album can be purchased as a CD at www.folkshop.dk and electronically on Bandcamp.

Find us on bandcamp where you can discover, listen and buy our new record for download!

Contact: Morten Alfred Høirup +45 21676913 mailto:mortenalfred@gmail.com Further information at: https://www.facebook.com/miaguldhammermortenalfredhoirup and on: https://mortenalfred.com.

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