Morten Alfred & Vingården

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New Nordic music cultivated, harvested and refined in our musical vineyard

"The large audience's tactful applause triggered an encore: "The Castle", there started in the violin with a beautiful ballad, which the saxophone and guitar slipped into. A very singable melody, just to hum along to and the audience certainly did, too that degree. A lovely end to an enjoyable concert.” Helsingør Dagblad, Aug. 2023

Morten Alfred & Vingården plays music mainly composed by Morten Alfred Høirup, processed and refined by a team of professionals from the Danish music scene. The repertoire consists both of melodies that have matured on the Danish and international folk music scene, as well as fresh new compositions.

From left: Kristian Bugge (Violin), Charlotte Andersson (Saxophones) & Morten Alfred Høirup (Vocals)

Morten Alfred & Vingården is, in addition to Morten Alfred himself on guitar and singing, a violinist and fiddler Kristian Bugge and saxophonist Charlotte Andersson. The three released the EP Grapes/Grapes in March 2023.

The music is written to be listened to as well as danced to, and the songs are about the life we live. The trio's repertoire consists of titles such as Ingel's waltz, The castle, Guest offer, My Orchestra, Waltz for an old Swedish lady, Travel days, The road I walk and The autumn festival.

Morten Alfred has been composing music since childhood and has, among other things, received one Danish Music Award as Danish Folk Composer of the Year in 2004. He published the sheet music collection in early summer 2022 Ingela's Waltz – 25 New Danish Folk Melodies, which includes chord suggestions and stories about a long life journey with music.

The trio's sound is colored by the musicians' background in e.g. traditional Danish folk music, baroque music, church music, skiffle and much more, and in 2024 Vingården will play in churches and at venues and festivals in Denmark and Switzerland.

Charlotte Andersson: Saxophones, singing

Is a trained saxophonist, singer and organist, and has, among other things, guest appearance in Det Kgl. Chapel, DR Symphony Orchestra and the Opera in Malmö. Andersson has toured with baroque music and newer compositional music in the Nordics, Great Britain, USA and South Korea. She helped start the Copenhagen Saxophone Quartett with whom she received DR's P2 Award in 2003 for best chamber music recording. Is also known for his work with the trio Petri-Fischer-Andersson (with recorder player Michala Petri and jazz guitarist Jacob Fischer), and with composer and jazz pianist Thomas Clausen.

Kristian Bugge: Violin, singing

Was appointed in 2014 as a member of 'Danmarks Rigsspillemænd', an exclusive association consisting of around a dozen fiddlers who have particularly distinguished themselves within the traditional Danish fiddler's music. Kristian Bugge has received a number of awards, including DR's Radium Prize in 2004 and a Danish Music Award as 'Danish Folk Instrumentalist of the Year' in 2016. He tours continuously in large parts of the world, not least in the USA, with the accordion/violin duos Gangspil and Jensen & Bugge. Also performs with Jagdselskabet, Wenzell & Bugge, as well as with folk big band Habadekuk.

Morten Alfred Høirup: Guitar, harmonica, singing

Played from quite young in his father's wedding orchestra, and gradually became part of the Danish and international folk music scene. For almost four decades, Morten Alfred has toured large parts of the world with traditional as well as new Danish music. In this connection, he has received a number of Danish Music Awards (10), including 'Danish Folk Composer of the Year 2004' and 'Tradition of the Year 2016'. Morten Alfred is probably best known for his work with the violin and guitar duo Haugaard & Høirup (1998 – 2008), the folk/world ensemble Himmerland (2010 – 2015), and the Danish-Finnish-American trio American Café Orchestra.