Ruthie Dornfeld & Morten Alfred Høirup (US)

Original music inspired by folk traditions from Scandinavia, America and beyond

Roots music is a wellspring for Copenhagen guitarists Morten Alfred Høirup and Seattle fiddler Ruthie Dornfeld, who have collaborated for over twenty years in The American Café Orchestra and other constellations. Their concerts feature the duo in expressive, intimate musical dialogue.

Here is a video clip featuring the two musicians in a new piece of music from an improvised concert in a small venue North of Seattle.

Ruthie Dornfeld (Violin, vielle) Ruthie Dornfeld's big tone, fierce rhythm and fluid style, along with a wildly eclectic repertoire, have won her popularity among dancers and concert audiences alike. Fluent in a wide range of traditional styles (Irish, American old-time, Scandinavian and Eastern European, for starters), she has performed and taught for over forty years throughout the USA and from the Manaus Opera House in the Brazilian Amazon to the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Finland. More info at: http://www.ruthiedornfeld.com

Morten Alfred (guitar, vocals) is well known and respected on the Danish and international roots and folk music scene, as an innovative and deeply original guitar player, singer, and composer. Through the years, Morten Alfred has been traveling around the world with his music. He has been recording a number of albums with Danish and international bands and artists, and he has received quite a few awards during the years, including ten Danish Music Awards (Danish "Grammy"). In 2004 Morten Alfred got a Danish Music Award as “Danish Folk Music Composer of the Year”, and in 2016 he got a Danish Music Award with the traditional Danish trio Gangspil, which did more than 50 concerts in the US that year. More information: https://mortenalfred.com

Videos with Ruthie Dornfeld & Morten Alfred Høirup (US)