Island hopping in the Atlantic Ocean

July 21, 2017
by Morten Alfred Høirup

Back home after a fantastic tour in the Faroe Islands with lots of music, sun, sailing, whiskey and dry fish, it's hard not to cheer. What a tour, what a scenery and what lovely people.

We played in many places, e.g. on the islands of Mykines, Fugloy and Nolsoy and we had a blast.

At the same time, we arranged and practiced a lot of traditional as well as original music, and were also inspired by not least the Danish baritone saxophonists Charlotte Andersson and Jeanette Balland, and the Russian-Faroese duo Vera Kondrateva on song and Jew's harp, etc., and Kristian Blak on piano and bark horn, etc.

Now we have to see what these exciting meetings lead to, it is at least certain that you can hear lots of new music when Jensen & Bugge + Høirup play a concert AND dance in Danseladen at Music over Præstø Fjord Festival Friday 11 August at 21:30 – 22:45.

The concert is especially focused on the fact that the music is arranged strictly for dance AND for concert at the same time, and we record it all on video.

We hope to see you at Music over Præstø Fjord Festival 🙂

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