Summer in Denmark

July 6, 2021
by Morten Alfred Høirup

Then it became summer, the nights are bright and people have started to go on summer holidays.

A few days ago, our little folk music trio delivered Jensen, Bugge & Høirup a video for editing by the organizers behind the Finnish Kaustinen Folk Festival. Their festival will be partly virtual this year, and we are happy that the trend seems to be that organizers around the world are deciding to find new ways to hold their festivals, instead of canceling another year. And they are prepared to pay for these unique video recordings. Fantastic!

Mette Kathrine Jensen Stærk, Kristian Bugge and the undersigned on stage at the Nordic Folk Festival in Livø at the beginning of July. It was a party - and the rain poured down for many hours.

The day after we recorded video material for the organizers behind the Kaustinen Folk Festival, we played on the small new one Nordic Folk Festival. It took place on Livø up in the Limfjord, and it was, despite long cloudbursts, a wonderful experience. It was just great to give it gas in front of a real live, listening and dancing audience. Thank you!

In July and August we play, among other things in The Funen Village. Here we partly sing songs and play music from the 1800s, but we also give examples of how we use music today.

Right now my favorite guitar is my hand built one William Laskin, by undergoing a repair. It will be adjusted, the frets sharpened and new tuning screws. It's great because then I can use it when Mia Guldhammer and I'm going to play a release concert at Music over Præstø Fjord on my 60th birthday on Friday 6 August.

This is Solle, from Copenhagen Guitars. He is once again in full swing fixing my guitar and getting it ready for another busy season.

On that occasion, we release our debut album, Tral, Thread & Traditions which we have been working on since sometime last year. The album contains 10 Danish songs and 2 instrumental numbers, played both by us as a duo, but to a large extent also by us with talented colleagues from Denmark and Finland. We are of course very much looking forward to that.

But these days it's time to enjoy the summer, and I'm doing that to the fullest. The sons are doing well, and I am happy that we can now increasingly get around Denmark and play our music. I hope to see you during the summer!