The secrets of the players - a journey in Danish folk music

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April 27, 2018
by Morten Alfred Høirup

I am currently working on six podcasts under the collective title "Spillefolkenes Hemmeligheder - a journey in Danish folk music". They are aimed at an audience who are not experts in folk music, but are interested enough, and they last about 20 minutes each.

The idea is to let significant Danish personalities on the Danish folk music scene answer some of the questions you encounter when you talk to fellow citizens outside the environment, questions such as:

"Where do the musicians actually find the old traditional melodies?", "How do you start your own folk music festival?", "Who are the young people in Danish folk music and what are they up to?", "Can the old cheeky songs still get anyone to blush?", "What did the Vikings play 1000 years ago, and what do they play now?", "Can you still use the ancient Danish songs and ballads for something, and how do you find them?", etc.

The series Spillefolkenes Hejmeligheder is expected to be ready around May 1, but it is not yet known where and when it will premiere. You can stay informed about that here on Facebook. The series is sponsored by Tempi – Roots music of Denmark and the Art Foundation.

In addition, we are planning seven episodes of the magazine program The Cat in the Sack in the coming months. The Cat in the Sack is about the Danish folk music scene right now, and the series is sponsored – like Spillefolkenes Hemmeligheder – by Tempi – Roots Music of Denmark, and the Art Fund, and is also supported by Rosa – Dansk Rock Samråd.

The Cat in the Sack is sent on once a month throughout the year. You can listen to the May edition here!

On you can also stream and podcast the previous 49 broadcasts in the series, as well as a lot of other broadcasts about folk music in Denmark.

By the way, you can also find our broadcasts on iTunes