Spilefolkenes Hemmeligheder - a journey in Danish folk music

October 4, 2018
by Morten Alfred Høirup

Then it finally happens - on November 14, Tempi will hold a reception in connection with the premiere of the podcast series "Spillefolkenes Hemmeligheder - a journey in Danish folk music".

So far, the podcast consists of six episodes where I interview significant players on the Danish folk music scene. I ask about the core of their work, and together we expose some of the deepest secrets of their profession.

At the reception you can e.g. experience music and storytelling by a singer and tradition bearer Mia Guldhammer musician, composer and multi-instrumentalist Martin Seeberg and musician, programmer and sound designer David Mondrup. Producer: Morten Alfred Høirup

The series, which is aimed at listeners who may be curious, but who are not part of the folk music scene, can, among other things, is listened to from 14 November.

The reception in Copenhagen is open to everyone, and the event is presented by Temp, Mediehaven & – Find out more here!