Out of control on the US West Coast

February 3, 2018
by Morten Alfred Høirup

Fortunately, it is extremely rare that I have to cancel concerts, especially when I am on tour on the other side of the world, but it happened at violinist Ruthie Dornfeld and my duo tour on the US West Coast in January 2018.

After the first few concerts it was so clear that I had been infected with some nasty American virus, and after a few more concerts on headache pills and rum toddies, we unfortunately had to cancel both a house concert in Seattle, as well as a concert and a workshop at the Bellingham Folk Festival.

We were of course sad about that, but fortunately in the days before I went down completely, we managed to put together and practice a different and very well-functioning repertoire, which we managed to test at a handful of pleasant concerts for happy people of all ages.

We are just really happy about that, and we are looking forward to the next time we meet and play a lot of new music together.

Here's a little pirate video shot at The Honeymoon Mead & Cidery in Bellingham by Jan Peters.

The tune is called Copenhagen Hoedown, it was composed by Ruthie Dornfeld and the Finnish Jewish harpist and bassist Tapani Varis, and it is recorded on ACO's album "Nightmare Polka" from 2012.

The video was recorded at the start of the tour and I'm still only a little sick, keeping it running on a mixture of warm mead and tea with milk and honey 🙂