Learn to play folk music on the guitar (Private lessons).

Here I have just taken a selfie of myself and Arne. Arne visits me every two weeks and then we work for an hour or two on topics such as 'How do I get better at playing the guitar for dance', 'How do I strengthen my sense of rhythm?', 'How do I put some better chords on?, 'How do I strengthen my melody playing?', 'How can I best accompany myself when I sing?', and much more.

Whether you are a beginner, practiced or perhaps a trained guitarist who just needs a brush up with a focus on traditional and contemporary folk music, it makes no difference.

I have continuously given various kinds of workshops and masterclasses at conservatories and festivals around the world, e.g. at the Sibelius Academy and the Haapavesi Folk Festival's Summer School in Finland, the Southern Danish Music Conservatory in Esbjerg, and at major festivals in e.g. Canada and Australia.

I teach what you could call 'folk music guitar', i.e. everything from backing technique and 'swing' in traditional dance music, to contemporary and through arranged concert music. I also have lots of experience in accompanying my own and other people's songs. And then I am a composer and can help if you would like to work on writing your own music.

I teach by ear. Not sheet music. On the other hand, I am happy to give good advice on how to memorize melodies and arrangements if you are used to, and perhaps even a little stuck in, playing by sheet music.

It is important that we have fun while we work, so we take it easy, but remember the goal, namely that you have to get better at your instrument.

The teaching takes place in my apartment on the 4th floor in Smallegade on Frederiksberg in Copenhagen

Prices: DKK 550 for a one-hour lesson (Recommended for adults), and DKK 500 for 45 minutes (Recommended for children)

Contact me and find out more 🙂