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Ylva's Velkomst – new music in summertime

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June 26, 2022
by Morten Alfred Høirup

Ylva's Welcome (Ylva's Velkomst) is the story of a little girl named Ylva, which came into the world at the beginning of last year, but it is also the story of the proud merchant ship Ylva who comes home after a long and eventful journey to foreign countries. The melody Ylva's Welcome in other words, it's about faith, hope and love.

"When we sat down to work on this melody, we were very interested in the fact that Kristian's sister had just given birth to a lovely little girl who was to be called Ylva. We talked about the incredible life journey she will now embark on for the next several years, and at the same time we saw in our minds the image of a big old sailing ship returning home after traveling a thousand nautical miles in all kinds of weather.”

The two Danish musicians violinist Kristian Bugge and guitarist Morten Alfred Høirup are both veterans on the Danish and international folk music scene. Together with good friends, they have over the years toured with traditional Danish folk music in e.g. Denmark, Norway, Germany, USA and Canada, and more Ylva's Welcome they are now playing out with their first joint take on brand new music with roots in the Nordic folk music tradition.

"The idea with this melody is to give the listener a hope and a belief that it everything must go well, and also like a decent shot of energy and the desire to just do it yell with"

On Ylva's Welcome Kristian Bugge and Morten Alfred Høirup enter into a collaboration with the two outstanding Finnish musicians Tapani Varis (Contrabass, Jew's harp) and Eero Turkka (Harmica, overtone singing and throat singing).

Ylva's Welcome is recorded and mixed by the producer and sound designer Torben Sminge in his Snowville Recording Studio in Odense, and mastering was done by Søren Oliver Due.