Two early spring concerts

April 27, 2018
by Morten Alfred Høirup

I am looking forward these days to a few rare concerts with two good friends and colleagues, the American Métis violinist Jamie Fox and the Danish violinist and fiddler Kristian Bugge.

In May 2017 we toured the USA, playing a series of concerts at the NorthWest FolkLife Festival in Seattle (Washington), and at venues in Vancouver (British Columbia), Missoula (Montana) and New York City.

Since then we have played a handful of dances and concerts in e.g. Roskilde, Farum and Odense, and generally enjoyed meeting the Danish folk music audience.

We will continue with that, and now the trip goes first Musikhuset Aarhus where we play on Sunday 1 April at 15:00, and then to Mors where we play in Gaard Bakery Sunday 22 April at 2:30 p.m.

The repertoire is a mixture of traditional Danish dance tunes and tunes from the Métis Indians' violin tradition, seasoned with a small handful of old Danish songs and whatever else we come up with for the occasion - including some good stories about the many great personalities we have met on our travels with the music.

Here is a small appetizer, namely the Métis tune "Sitting Bull", which we learned from Jamie.