June 22, 2014
by Morten Alfred Høirup

Then we have arrived in Helsinki, where we just grab a practice or two before the trip continues 600 kilometers north to Haapavesi, where the sun never sets completely at this time of year.

I am traveling with two old friends, the American violinist, Rutie Dornfeld, and the Finnish bassist, flautist and Jew's harp player, Tapani Varis, with whom I have played for many years and with whom I released the album “Nightmare Polka” in 2012.

As a trio, we are called ACO (American Café Orchestra), and here in Finland we will partly teach at the 'Haapavesi Folkmusik Course', and partly play at the associated 'Haapavesi Folk Festival'. It's great to play with Ruthie and Tapani, and once again to see what amazing and inspiring musicians they are - they can make my compositions flourish, and it's great to experience.

My 13-year-old son, Carl Alfred, is traveling with us, he's going to spend the week going to Antti Järvelä's co-op team - it's guaranteed to be hard and fun for the boy. Look more at: